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It's hard to fathom that it's been over a year since I released "Dark In The Light." The time has rushed by with unbelievable speed. Incredible!?


It is my great pleasure and humble honor to announce that Sleep Millennium is no longer just a lonesome endeavor for me. I've had the privilege of working and rehearsing with a special group of people on a live performance experience and brand new record. It's precisely why I've failed to keep a blog up - along with my lack of discipline keeping up with the web/social media side of things. I need to get better at this. So without further adieu...






We've been playing and recording new music together for 7 months and our first show - also the first official Sleep Millennium show ever - will be May 21st at The Space in Salem, OR. I'm thrilled to be working with such a talented group, all of whom are musical leaders in their own right(s). 

Oh yes, and a new full-length album has been in the works with the new group. In truth, it's been 4 years in the making thus far. We look forward to sharing with you what we're up to. 

Stay tuned for more! 



Dark In The Light

Today is a great day in the world of The Sleep Millennium. Just over a year from the time I began quietly writing and recording what would become Dark In the Light, it's now officially streaming on Toronto's IX Daily

I want to thank some amazing people for their contributions, efforts, and creativity on the project:

Now the piece can be heard in it's entirety, from start to finish, how I intended it to be heard. I long for the days of "the album," I think, so it's my hope that those who will listen also long for the experience of the album, too, in these fast times.

I had an awesome experience making this record and the response I've been given thus far has inspired me to do more. 

Hope you enjoy Dark In The Light

A year in the making...

I was digging around in my phone recordings a few weeks ago... listening to ideas, trying to find something to vibe on. As I scrolled through 100s of short audio clips I noticed a few that I couldn't help but laugh about. My original phone recordings for what would become The Sky Is Zero.

This phone recording is dated 1/28/2015, and titled "Psychedelic idea":

It's just a half-baked guitar thing using a tripped out tremolo, reverb, and delay. But from there is where I began developing the bed-track in my studio, here's what it became from that idea - titled "The Sky Is Zero - (6/24/25)": 

The song pretty much lived in this state (without melodies or lyrics) for the better part of 9 months before I finally began getting inspired to create the melody and lyrics. I found a phone recording titled "The Sky Is Zero Melody" dated 9/22/15: 

I just thought it was crazy to think about how it took over a year from just an embryo of a song to releasing a music video for "The Sky Is Zero." Hope you enjoy the new video.


Today is the official debut of 'The Sky Is Zero,' (on The Music Ninja) the opening track of DARK IN THE LIGHT. It's interesting for me to begin sharing The Sleep Millennium with this song; The Sky Is Zero was the first song I started but the last to be finished of the 5 songs I'll release for the EP. I struggled most with this song because I felt it would be a special piece for me. It was challenging for me as a writer, producer, and musician.

The music for The Sky Is Zero (and the whole of DARK IN THE LIGHT) was calling out for me to explore deeper themes or concepts - from a musical and lyrical standpoint - than I have before as an artist.  What's the concept? I much prefer the listener discover their own meaning in the music through patient listening. As a music fan when I find something I like I'm listening for what it is about it that's speaking to me in my life and/or how I relate to it. There's this record by South San Gabriel called The Carlton Chronicles that I've been listening to for almost 10 years and I'm still finding new things I love about it. 

I want to clarify that The Sky Is Zero is just one piece of DARK IN THE LIGHT and I've aimed to make a record who's sum was greater than its parts. I felt strongly that I needed more time than just a "single" track to say what I wanted to say musically, artistically, spiritually, emotionally, etc. etc. etc.  

Like a lot of records I love from the good old days the songs are meant to be listened to in succession as one WHOLE piece of music, rather than one song at a time here and there. I look forward to revealing the rest of DARK IN THE LIGHT to listeners very soon but for now, here's The Sky Is Zero!

Josh - The Sleep Millennium



"what does he mean?" 

I mean, are you sleeping through your life? 

Watching from a distance as a spectator in a dream. One you can't wake up from. You don't have to answer that. Just freeze.


Where are you right now? What do you see? What do you feel? What do you hear? Is it love or is it empty?

Maybe you're numb. Maybe you have energy. Maybe you have confusion. Or you have gratitude. Or you have questions. Or answers.  Or there's just static. The same old hypnotic noise. A thousand years asleep...

I know you, even though I don't know you.

I AM you.

You're me, too. And I want us to be free. Free like we're supposed to be. Free to love and to be, fundamentally, loved (WE ARE). We must choose, though.

And I want us to sing. And laugh. And run far and fast and up to the peak of mountains. I want us to float through space and be in awe. And I want us to be timeless. 

I love it when people are timeless. Pink Floyd. Pablo Picasso. Buckminster Fuller. Einstein. Too modern? Ok, I'll go back a bit; Copernicus, Beethoven, Aristotle, Shakespeare. I'm into what they've given us. What they left to us. Art and thought. I'm still and have always been fascinated. 

And we've all been fascinated, have we not!? Generations. So much beauty. So much I want to be awake to, while I'm still here. I'm grateful for it. For art, thought, and honesty. And most importantly, for truth. That sets us free.

tap, tap... "Is this mic on?"

*** I'll remind you; this page is aptly titled "MEANDERINGS" - go figure ;) ***