The Sleep Millennium... is celestial psychedelia for your ears - Brontë Martin, Earmilk

SLEEP MILLENNIUM IS aN ARTISTIC experience for the Modern era. a PERFORMANCE journey that seeks the human condition in the cosmic dissonance of the universe. the 5-piece GROUP from the pacific northwest combines AN epic WALL Of SOUND That fuses guitars, synths, Drums, and electronics with a multi-media visual show that is at once classic and forward-thinking.

SLEEP MILLENNIUM is the brain-child of award-winning artist/songwriter, Josh Schroeder (guitars, lead vocals). He is joined by the talents of Miranda Vettrus (keys, guitars, vocals), Jarred Venti (bass, vocals), Joshua Hawkins (drums, vocals), and Ronan Baker (guitar, vocals). The group carries the sonic torch of arena-acts from a bygone era as they explore the present day musical landscapes for a sound that is uniquely their own.

In February 2016, Sleep released "Dark In The Light" to critical claim both domestic and abroad - (mixed by Howie Beck, Nygel Asselin, Josh Schroeder, and Mastered by Noah Mintz). The EP featured "The Sky Is Zero," "My Mistake," and "Light" with home-made music videos created by Schroeder and Miranda Vettrus. "Light" was featured prominently in the hit-series 'T@gged' in 2017.

Sleep Millennium released their dual-single 'Sleep Cycling/Dimension' in June, 2017 that marked the beginning of an effort to release one single a month, in anticipation of their first full-length album. Subsequent singles in July 2017 "The Great Unwashed" and August 2017 "Granfalloon" were made available for streaming. They have created a multi-media visual show to enhance the experience of their musical performance.  



Evoking the mind expanding themes of surrealism and the feeling of child-like discovery, The Sleep Millennium have cobbled together the most impressive DIY video ever for The Sky Is Zero. - Shayen De Silva, Happy Mag
Sleep Millennium is bringing you a taste of the psychedelic 60s, shaded with modern production techniques that will fuse music nerds from past and present. - Clayton Warwick, The Music Ninja