"what does he mean?" 

I mean, are you sleeping through your life? 

Watching from a distance as a spectator in a dream. One you can't wake up from. You don't have to answer that. Just freeze.


Where are you right now? What do you see? What do you feel? What do you hear? Is it love or is it empty?

Maybe you're numb. Maybe you have energy. Maybe you have confusion. Or you have gratitude. Or you have questions. Or answers.  Or there's just static. The same old hypnotic noise. A thousand years asleep...

I know you, even though I don't know you.

I AM you.

You're me, too. And I want us to be free. Free like we're supposed to be. Free to love and to be, fundamentally, loved (WE ARE). We must choose, though.

And I want us to sing. And laugh. And run far and fast and up to the peak of mountains. I want us to float through space and be in awe. And I want us to be timeless. 

I love it when people are timeless. Pink Floyd. Pablo Picasso. Buckminster Fuller. Einstein. Too modern? Ok, I'll go back a bit; Copernicus, Beethoven, Aristotle, Shakespeare. I'm into what they've given us. What they left to us. Art and thought. I'm still and have always been fascinated. 

And we've all been fascinated, have we not!? Generations. So much beauty. So much I want to be awake to, while I'm still here. I'm grateful for it. For art, thought, and honesty. And most importantly, for truth. That sets us free.

tap, tap... "Is this mic on?"

*** I'll remind you; this page is aptly titled "MEANDERINGS" - go figure ;) ***

Josh Schroeder