Today is the official debut of 'The Sky Is Zero,' (on The Music Ninja) the opening track of DARK IN THE LIGHT. It's interesting for me to begin sharing The Sleep Millennium with this song; The Sky Is Zero was the first song I started but the last to be finished of the 5 songs I'll release for the EP. I struggled most with this song because I felt it would be a special piece for me. It was challenging for me as a writer, producer, and musician.

The music for The Sky Is Zero (and the whole of DARK IN THE LIGHT) was calling out for me to explore deeper themes or concepts - from a musical and lyrical standpoint - than I have before as an artist.  What's the concept? I much prefer the listener discover their own meaning in the music through patient listening. As a music fan when I find something I like I'm listening for what it is about it that's speaking to me in my life and/or how I relate to it. There's this record by South San Gabriel called The Carlton Chronicles that I've been listening to for almost 10 years and I'm still finding new things I love about it. 

I want to clarify that The Sky Is Zero is just one piece of DARK IN THE LIGHT and I've aimed to make a record who's sum was greater than its parts. I felt strongly that I needed more time than just a "single" track to say what I wanted to say musically, artistically, spiritually, emotionally, etc. etc. etc.  

Like a lot of records I love from the good old days the songs are meant to be listened to in succession as one WHOLE piece of music, rather than one song at a time here and there. I look forward to revealing the rest of DARK IN THE LIGHT to listeners very soon but for now, here's The Sky Is Zero!

Josh - The Sleep Millennium

Josh Schroeder