A year in the making...

I was digging around in my phone recordings a few weeks ago... listening to ideas, trying to find something to vibe on. As I scrolled through 100s of short audio clips I noticed a few that I couldn't help but laugh about. My original phone recordings for what would become The Sky Is Zero.

This phone recording is dated 1/28/2015, and titled "Psychedelic idea":

It's just a half-baked guitar thing using a tripped out tremolo, reverb, and delay. But from there is where I began developing the bed-track in my studio, here's what it became from that idea - titled "The Sky Is Zero - (6/24/25)": 

The song pretty much lived in this state (without melodies or lyrics) for the better part of 9 months before I finally began getting inspired to create the melody and lyrics. I found a phone recording titled "The Sky Is Zero Melody" dated 9/22/15: 

I just thought it was crazy to think about how it took over a year from just an embryo of a song to releasing a music video for "The Sky Is Zero." Hope you enjoy the new video.

Josh Schroeder